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Tampa Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

A great bathroom is a special place that fosters relaxation and comfort for everyone in the family. A bathroom that has damage and design and function problems is nothing but another source of stress. Don’t settle with a worn-out or outdated bathroom. Call Bathroom Renovation today to transform your old, dysfunctional restroom into the special private space that you deserve.

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By thoroughly gathering all the information about your space and your desired bathroom style and features, we make sure that you are fully satisfied with our services. Our company has a special team of highly qualified engineers, plumbers, electricians, and interior designers that can fulfill any client demand that comes our way.

From minor repairs, removal, or installation to major bathroom renovation and conversion projects, our bathroom experts are capable of conducting any type of high quality bathroom improvement in just one to two days.

Our top quality services and products can accommodate your budget. We are here to help you find the best bathroom solutions that cater to your exact needs, goals, preferences, and budget. Bathroom Renovation is your best Tampa, FL bathroom remodeling company; we can’t wait to work with you!

Call Bathroom Renovation today at (813) 519-6671 for your Free Consultation with a Tampa Bathroom Remodeling expert!

One Day Bath & Shower Renovation

You’re looking for a good Tampa bathroom remodeling package, but you’re still having second thoughts. We understand. You might be thinking of the time it will take for the construction work to finish or the hassle of cleaning up afterward. Budget is also a major factor. However, with Bathroom Renovation, you won’t have to worry about these things.

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Our expert carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and designers are specially trained to conduct highly effective bathroom remodeling. Using modern techniques and tools, we are capable completing your new bathroom in as little as one to two days without sacrificing quality. And we never leave a mess behind, so you can just relax and enjoy your newly renovated bathrooms immediately.

Due to our nearly 30 years of experience handling various bathroom renovation projects of numerous clients, our experts are very familiar with how different plumbing and electrical systems work in different houses. This allows us to conduct flawless renovation work regardless of the complexity or uniqueness of your bathroom system.

Shower or Bath Conversion

If your bathroom currently has a shower area, but you want to change it into the spa-like experience that a bathtub unit can provide, Bathroom Renovation can help you with that. Changing lifestyles is a valid reason for many people to get shower-to-bath or bath-to-shower conversion services. And we are fully capable of doing full, high-quality conversion projects in just one to two days.

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The trick in conversion is figuring out how to seamlessly match the new unit into the old one. A shower unit has different water and control systems than that of a bathtub. Also, the layout of the bathroom may need to be rearranged, depending on the specifics of the area. Our interior designers, plumbers, and electricians are here to perfectly install your new shower, bathtub, or both as perfectly as if the old unit never existed.

You don’t need to worry about aesthetics. We value the functionality of your new bathroom, but we also heavily consider how it would look. We want to be able to flawlessly integrate your new products your existing style, from the bathroom tiles to the layout of the cabinets. Or we can renovated the entire bathroom to give you a whole new look. So just tell us your desired vision for your new bathroom. If you don’t have ideas yet, our creative designers are here to guide you with the latest bathroom design trends that you can take inspiration from.

Walk-in Tubs & Accessibility Options

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Style and function are vital aspects of a bathroom. But Bathroom Renovation also gives prime importance to the accessibility of our products. We are eager to recommend products and modifications that accommodate all the people in your household, especially those with mobility issues, like children, elders, or people with medical conditions.

Our most popular accessibility features are our walk-in tubs and out barrier-free showers. Both all allow people to easily get in and out of your bathtub or shower, which will significantly decrease the number of accidents like slipping, tripping, and falling.

We have a long list of accessibility features that our experts can help you with choosing, including shower benches, grab bars, handheld showerheads, or anti-scalding devices. We can also modify the layout of your bathroom to add and maximize space. Examples include easy-access shower control panels and areas for assisted bathing or in-house physical therapy.

Your Bathroom Remodel Partner

As a top-notch bathroom renovation company, we are confident that we can provide everything you need in your Tampa bathroom remodeling project. We are focused on delivering every product and service that our clients demand, and we’re ready to pour the full force of our resources and expertise to satisfy such requirements.

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We begin our business by gathering all the necessary data from you, from your goals, preferences, and ideas to the smallest specifications you want for your new bathroom. We also offer to do an on-site inspection so we can see in person the layout, plumbing, and electrical systems of the bathroom.

After you’ve approved our master plan, our bathroom renovation team will take over and begin work to make your dream bathroom a reality. Rest assured that our team of highly experienced workers employs only the highest standards of quality and efficiency in their work, allowing us to perform full-scale operations in just one to two days.

We also guarantee the quality of our products by partnering with only the best and most trusted suppliers. You can get top-of-the-line products from our store without the puffed up prices you can see in other markets. With amazing products handled by highly skilled bathroom renovation experts, rest assured that you will get nothing short of the first-rate Tampa bathroom remodeling that you deserve when you partner with Bathroom Renovation.

Let’s Talk – Free Expert Consultation

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At Bathroom Renovation, we believe that no one should settle with a damaged or outdated shower or bathroom. It’s not okay to ignore problems like fungal growth or cracked tiles just because construction work and renovations typically take a long time to finish. This is why Bathroom Renovation uses modern construction methods to ensure your Tampa bathroom remodeling project is done fast and efficiently.

Bathroom Renovation is the premier bathroom improvement company in Tampa. We offer a wide range of bathroom products and features that can change the way you experience your shower or bathtub. From converting your shower into a bathtub area to adding accessibility features into your bathroom, we got you covered. Choose us as your partner in your Tampa bathroom remodeling project, and every penny you will spend will be well worth it.

Call Bathroom Renovation today at (813) 519-6671 for your Free Consultation with a Tampa Bathroom Remodeling expert!


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